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If you want some seriously bad-ass Russian experimental metal, then this free download of NOYE’s “Terror” should definitely satisfy your craving! The four piece band formed in 2010 in Kaliningrad, located on former Prussian territory, and the meaning behind their name NOYE is “escape”, as it translates from the Old Prussian language. The group has set out to explore dark and heavy sounding musical structures with its songs in an attempt to express its vision, emotion and thoughts. Man, have they succeeded!

They released their first demo in October 2011 before playing their first live show in Kalinigrad where their music was well received. In the Spring of 2012 NOYE got down to business and began recording their debut full-length record, Away, in Poland. After the recording took place, the group played its first European gig in the Polish club “Desdemona” (Gdynia) with God’s Own Prototype and Godbite. Away was formally released on November 23rd, 2012 and has received a very positive reaction from the listening public. You should now also be included in the group of growing fans!