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“A Wallflower (The Price of Being)” is the latest track from Seattle band New Lungs and really, how could you go wrong with any band from Seattle? The group formed less than two years ago as a four-piece and play a type of progressive indie rock. New Lungs recently unveiled their latest EP, Lanterns, which was recorded in the attic of an old Tacoma, Washington house which provided a great atmosphere for the type of record they wanted to do. With a a lot of material to work the guys decided to choose the ones that they felt people enjoyed most at the shows and that sounded best when grouped together on a CD.

As an act of good will to their audience, New Lungs have decided to release Lanterns as a pay-what-you-want download at their Bandcamp page. The band hopes that the EP really catches fire, as they have big plans set for the rest of the year, including a U.S. tour coming this Summer. After the tour, New Lungs plans on recording their debut full-length record.