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“Corrupter of Innocence” is the latest sonic thrashing delivered by Final Curse, here for free download. This band has been toiling through the music scene since 2006, working their way up from their roots in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their main attempt is to bring back the spirit of ’80s thrash metal delivered so epically by the likes of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Exodus combined with the power of Pantera. In their first year together, Final Curse released their debut four song EP entitled Cursing the Deceivers.

They used the momentum that went along with their debut EP to help deliver their first full-length Constructing the Destructive in 2008. Their sophomore record Way of the Accursed was just released in 2012 and is by far Final Curse’s best work to date. The album sounds like something fresh and new in a somewhat stale heavy music scene. Currently the band is gearing up for some major touring in support of their new record, eager to reach as many new eyes and ears as possible.