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Dirty Mike & The Boys are an L.A. based band featuring Mike “Abominator” Nelson of Gravehill. Unlike his primary band, Dirty Mike & The Boys is a hardcore punk band that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The song “Death of Me” from their recently released album Soup Kitchen is a short and sweet blast of a song. Check it out and then download the rest of the album on Bandcamp afterwards.

The band’s bio proclaims they are “Just about the WORST band you will ever hear. But you will laugh and have a good time at least. Just imagine a teenage Kreator in 1985 playing Mob 47 and Discharge covers. This is 666%, middle finger in the air 2012 HESH PUNK! Short, Fast & Loud. Bringing back 1985 hardcore punk with some classic 1990 Power Violence thrown into the blender. We mean business, but we came to party. We don’t really take our selves too seriously, can you tell? If you ask us, we will tell you that we sound like a Black Sabbath 33 on 78. Our amps go to 11. We have grey bushes, one person’s trash is our treasure and we are STUPID. We fucking HATE “scenes” so those who like that shit can GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!”