Darkthrone is back once again with a terrific new release, The Underground Resistance. I have always associated Darkthrone with the black metal genre and while it’s true they were once a force to be reckoned with in the said scene, the band have evolved over the years creating a sound that I now can’t quite categorize.

The Underground Resistance is a great big amalgamation of all things metal; classic, black, and thrash metal all combine with a healthy dose of punk resulting in an album I simply could not put down. At times it’s gritty and fast (“The Ones You Left Behind”), while at other times it’s atmospheric and ethereal (“Valkyrie”), and yet in some instances there’s even a heavy doom vibe as well (“Come Warfare The Entire Doom”). I think the strength of this record lies in this variety; Darkthrone cover a ton of bases and cover them really well – no two songs sound alike.

At the end of the day The Underground Resistance is a disc well worth it’s high marks, not to mention checking out. I think it has something for metal heads everywhere.

Track Listing:

01. Dead Early
02. Valkyrie
03. Lesser Man
04. The Ones You Left Behind
05. Come Warfare The Entire Doom
06. Leave No Cross Unturned

Run Time: 41:40
Release Date: February 26, 2013

Check out the song “Leave No Cross Unturned”