Both newcomers to the Relapse stable and both hailing from Richmond, VA, Cough and Windhand pair up for this split release entitled Reflection Of The Negative. With opening track, “Athame”, Cough’s singular track contribution, the band paint a heroin hazed, glacially slow epic… a monument to funereal doom and thick-as-molasses sludge. The cold, almost alien-sounding production adds to the depressive nature of the nearly twenty minute track as the band churns out a pummeling, slow motion assault. This may be the “feel bad” anthem of the Summer… which is a huge compliment.

The remaining two tracks, “Amaranth” and “Shepard’s Crook” from Windhand, are ever so slightly more upbeat, though still firmly rooted in doom. Both songs offer catchy riffing, both monolithic and grand in scale and the clean vocals recall contemporary doom purity. Unlike other modern doom bands featuring clean vocals, this guy (or gal) can actually carry a tune… some stellar vocal hooks bump Windhand into a unique class of their own amongst their peers. Good stuff.

Reflection Of The Negative Track Listing:

01. Athame (Cough)
02. Amaranth (Windhand)
03. Shepard’s Crook (Windhand)

Run Time: 40:00
Release Date: April 16, 2013