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We are proud to partner with the band Choirs and unleash their latest track “Can’t Stop” as a free download. Choirs is the result of writer/producer duo Justin Fitch and Dustin Smith collaborating in search of the right balance between rock roots and pop hooks. Working together in the suburbs of the California East Bay, Smith amd Fitch began working on a musical endeavour that aimed for an organic production formula with easily accessible songs that even niche listeners could get into.

The duo’s music is guitar driven, piano nuanced rock music that is reminiscent of bands like One Republic or the Fray alongside Jimmy Eat World or Switchfoot. You could characterize Choirs as a fresh look at anthemic and organic pop rock. Choirs recently released their debut EP Colors of Burning Bridges, a record that they have put a lot of work into over the last couple of years. They are currently playing shows in California with hopes of expanding their horizons in the near future.