German band Attic are one of those groups who are kind of hard to review. On the one hand I love their sound, a nice mixture of old school metal; more specifically the sounds of Maiden, Priest, and Mercyful Fate will greet you once you put on The Invocation. On the other hand, the Attic’s influences are so obvious that they would never be accused of originality.

Regardless of originality, however, one fact cannot be escaped: The Invocation is at times a near flawless traditional metal record. The song writing is stellar and boasts hooks galore, and while most will compare the band to Mercyful Fate, due to Meister Cagliostro’s vocals, they are by no mere clones of that group.

Songs such as “Join the Coven” and “The Headless Horseman” will have traditional metal fans in headbanging ecstasy, while younger fans should also find a lot to like here. The most obvious person who will enjoy this, however, is the old school metal head. The Invocation really shouldn’t be missed by anyone interested in the heavier side of music. This is some excellent, no bullshit metal that I highly recommend.

Track Listing:

01. The Hidden Grave
02. Funeral In the Woods
03. Join the Coven
04. Edlyn
05. Ghost of the Orphanage
06. In the Chapel
07. The Invocation
08. The Headless Horseman
09. Satan’s Bride
10. Evil Inheritance

Run Time: 47:42
Release Date: December 7, 2012

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