For me at least, A Textbook Tragedy’s 2008 album Intimidator is nothing to rave about. A few songs were good and I would certainly recommend the release to anyone who’s really into hardcore, screaming, or menacing metal. When I first heard the music I could feel the artists’ rage; it was palpable. Moreover, I can attest that the band are assertive and tried to put a ton of energy into their music.

Overall, however, I think A Textbook Tragedy could have made this album a bit more polished. It doesn’t seem like a truly cohesive collection of songs and feels like there was a lack of attention paid to the song ordering. The album as a whole grated on my nerves and again, I feel it could have been a more polished work. Not my cup of tea, but no one can deny the group’s immense passion for their music. Have a listen and see what you think.

Track Listing:

01. If You Want Blood…
02. Bottomfeeders
04. Dude, I’m On Alesse
05. Intimidator
06. The Gospel According to Textbook
07. Who Invited Zentner?
08. Godspeed, Centipede
09. Stay Out of Riverdale
10. Cathy Rattlesnake
11. Total Immoral
12. Start the Reactor

Check out the song: “Dude, I’m On Alesse”