Australia’s Vomitor have been tearing up the underground since 1999. Despite this lengthy career however, The Escalation is only the band’s third full-length album to date. This said, the group has been far from inactive having produced many demos and splits since their inception.

As you can probably discern from their name, Vomitor is not going to appeal to everyone. The band’s death metal is waaay on the lo-fi side of things, so many will automatically write the band off as mere noise. However, those who actually take the time to listen to The Escalation will hear some solid metal rooted firmly in the old school. Take for instance, “Salem Witches Grave”, a song with thunderous riffs that simply MUST be head banged to.

Bands like Vomitor, who fly the metal flag high, are sorely needed in this scene as they remind us what metal should be – loud and fast, with absolutely no fucks given!

Track Listing:

01. Pits Of Nightmare/Pitch Black
02. Prayer to Hell
03. Salem Witches Grave
04. Hellburst to Fight
05. The Escalation
06. Metal or Die
07. Horrors of Black Earth

Run Time: 30:45
Release Date: November 30, 2012

Check out the album ‘The Escalation’