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If you’re into loud, fast and down and dirty rock n’ roll then you’ll definitely want to grab this free download of The Phuss’ song “Stupid Girl.” The group is a three-piece from Fort Worth, Texas and is best described as garage rock with loud and fierce guitar riffs, precision drumming, and intense vocals. The group was conceived of in 2008 by lead singer and guitarist Josh Fleming and drummer Trey Alfaro before adding a bass player in Forrest Barton in 2010. The Phuss has already released one record, with a sophomore release now ready.

The band’s self-titled second record was produced by Vaden Todd Lewis, best known as the singer and songwriter of the very popular 90’s band the Toadies. The record is full of distorted, loud but sharp and melodic rock songs that has already captured the praise of fans and critics alike. Armed with a killer album, The Phuss are now embarking on an ambitious touring schedule for the year. Rock the f*ck out!