Back in 2010 I reviewed The Devil Wears Prada’s Zombie EP and named it their best album to date… Not long after, they release their new full-length, Dead Throne, and now I have to scratch my previous statement to announce this as their best musical offering yet!

Taking the aggression from Zombie and the core of their past releases, they have created 13 solid tracks full of fret fury. With intense breakdowns, hectic beats and frenzied guitar lines, TDWP have formulated a mammoth sound like none they have ever offspring-ed before. Throughout the whole album the band never mess around and continually stick to the schedule of smashing listeners’ ears with their abrasive version of metalcore. With such a heavy release I am scared to think of what they will produce next.

Track Listing:

01. Dead Throne
02. Untidaled
03. Mammoth
04. Vengeance
05. R.I.T.
06. My Questions
07. Kansas
08. Born To Lose
09. Forever Decay
10. Chicago
11. Constance
12. Pretenders
13. Holdfast

Run Time: 40:49
Release Date: September 13, 2011

Check out the song: “Born To Lose”