California’s a legendary place for punk rock having birthed bands such as The Offspring, AFI, Guttermouth, and of course The Bombpops; the latter of whom recently released an EP entitled Stole The TV via Red Scare. This band features not one, but two female front women who are conveniently backed by two men. Can we say ABBA of punk rock?

The four tunes on this EP explode with pop punk that is both fast and catchy. Musically the songs are simple, four chord progressions with two lovely female vocalists singing the melodies. Lyrically the ladies sing about being teens in California, something while not new or deep, I’m sure is easily relatable for lots of fans.

Stole The TV is a killer pop punk EP that, once the song “Crazy” is done, will leave you wanting more. Hopefully they release a full-length very soon to help satisfy the pop punker in me.

Track Listing:

01. (Back To) The Medicine Cabinet
02. Paranoid
03. Grocery Store
04. Crazy

Run Time: 10:10
Release Date: April 10, 2011

Check out the song: “Crazy”