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The Skinny: Sad Robot are pleased to offer their awesome track “Show My Love” here for free download! The band is a three-piece rock outfit with quite an atypical message compared to the majority of the rock world. Sad Robot has a knack for writing anthemic songs that deal with human themes of hope, change and the search for identity. Their music is emotionally raw accompanied by a powerful sound you may not expect from only a three-piece. Sad Robot’s debut EP The Beginning (of the End) came out in 2010 and since that time the group has grown a lot musically, while going through lineup changes and dropping down from a traditional four-piece rock band.

The debut full-length record, titled 1.0, just came out at the end of October and puts well on display the growth in the band’s sound since the release of their EP. Personal and global frustrations made the record an emotional journey for the band members Nick, Kat and Jake and this is reflected in the lyrical content. This is a record focused on the people, those who are struggling to get by and could use something uplifting to help inspire and move them. It’s certainly a welcome escape from the pessimism that currently pervades today’s rock music industry.