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We’ve partnered with the sick, bluesy-rock band Lost Souls Carnival and are offering a free download of their new track “Lazy Eye”! The group plays a brand of slow, gloomy rock ideal for a noisy and smoky party… with lots of booze. Interestingly enough, the band’s lyrics are interspersed with black humour which makes their songs edgy and original. They primarily derive their inspiration from some of the all-time great hard rock guitar bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath as well as more contemporary artists like The Black Keys and Muse.

Lost Souls Carnival are composed of a bunch of friends from Ghent who all grew up listening to similar and different music. There is a strong influence of “delta-blues” from the Mississippi from the late 1960s but blended well with a more contemporary sound. Lost Souls Carnival recently released their debut EP. Check out the groups’ Bandcamp page.