Live In Baltimore is a CD/DVD that captures this semi-iconic band performing some of their greatest hits. Kix has not released a studio album in years and I think it’s a bit odd that after so long they’ve decided to release a live record instead of a new material, nevertheless Live In Baltimore is a decent release. The set list is pretty much what I would have expected and includes the extremely popular classic ’80s tunes “Blow My Fuse,” “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” and “Cold Blood.”

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m not a great big fan of live albums, but I think the rawness of the live show really works in the band’s favor here. They have always had a sort of gritty edge about them and surprisingly enough Whiteman’s voice is still pretty damn good after all these years; together it all seems to work fairly well.

Kix is not a band that is known for the intricate technicality of their playing, but rather are known for being a good time, hard rock party band, and I think that is exactly what you will find when you watch or listen to these discs. Don’t over analyze this one, it will detract from the overall experience. I suggest you just kick back and take in the Kix magic; it’s hard not to get caught up in the fun.

CD Track Listing:

01. No Ring Around Rosie
02. Atomic Bomb
03. Lie Like A Rug
04. Don’t Close Your Eyes
05. Girl Money
06. Cold Blood
07. Cold Shower
08. She Dropped Me The Bomb
09. Blow My Fuse
10. Kix Are For Kids
11. Midnite Dynamite
12. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

DVD Track Listing:

01. No Ring Around Rosie
02. Atomic Bombs
03. Lie Like A Rug
04. Sex
05. The Itch
06. Don t Close Your Eyes
07. Hot Wire
08. Same Jane
09. Girl Money
10. Ronnie 10/10 (Solo)
11. Cold Blood
12. Jimmy Chocolate (Solo)
13. Cold Shower
14. She Dropped Me The Bomb
15. Blow My Fuse
16. Kix Are For Kids
17. Midnite Dynamite
18. For Shame
19. Brian Damage
20. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Release Date: September 25, 2012

Check out the ‘Live In Baltimore’ album trailer