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Technical metal is a form of music that shows extreme technical proficiency, something instantly evidenced via this free download of Kinetik’s song “Closer Than Contact”. This Californian band truly pushes the boundaries of modern metal, creating unforgettable riffs and tempos that bind together into a unique metal symphony. The band’s origins go back to 2007 when drummer Andrew Bailey connected with guitarist Chris Lee – the two got together and starting jamming which in turn began to etch out the sound that Kinetik would eventually adopt.

No technical metal band though can be a two-piece though, so Andrew and Chris recruited bassist Eric Tampier and then in Summer 2007, lead singer Robert Anderson, whose distinguished voice helped establish Kinetik as a force in the San Francisco Bay Area metal scene. The group’s first EP, Stoppage of Time, came out in 2010 before the members got back into the studio to release a full-length debut in August 2012. The album is now complete and is titled Heavier Elements, set for release on February 26th. The release of this album will be followed up by a strong touring schedule.