Thrash Metal has never and will never die! In order to keep it fresh and with a natural state of sheer aggression; however, the genre has always depended on new blood, a new generation of fans and musicians to keep the flame alive. Thankfully that’s California’s Bonded By Blood’s raison d’etre: to help to command the XXI century’s new hordes of American Thrash. Their latest release, The Aftermath (out via Earache Records), only confirms the previous statement: the album is pure aggression, with great hooks and lots of high quality music. Recently we spoke with drummer Carlos Regalado about the band’s new album, their recent line up changes, and overall ongoing mission to take their music to every possible corner of the planet.

I know it’s probably too soon to say, but in your opinion, how important do you think this new album The Aftermath will be for Bonded By Blood’s career?
Carlos: Very Important! This feels almost like our first record; we got really comfortable with the writing process and didn’t let anything hold us back with the sound we wanted. With the older records there was a lot of material that we couldn’t use and tons of cool ideas that were never given a chance. Also now with new vocals and bass I really think we have good formula going.

You are considered one the most important bands of the new Thrash L.A. scene. Would you consider yourselves just a revival outfit or you think your music is also adding something new to the genre?
Carlos: We try our best to have our own sound that ranges from Thrash to Heavy to Speed Metal to whatever we want to write. As unoriginal as our name is [laughs] we try to be the most original with our music and instruments. We are proud to be considered a band for the “Thrash revival” ages.

Your fan base will probably notice an evolution in your sound. Overall, The aftermath sounds fresh and yet familiar. Were you consciously looking to introduce some changes or was it something that just happened naturally?
Carlos: A little bit of both, we get a lot of crazy ideas and never let anything hold us back creatively, we like doing things that other bands never try while at the same time its just what we are coming up with at rehearsal and these days its just different then it used to be.

Check out the song “The Aftermath”

Working in the studio and production-wise, what’s the major difference this time around in comparison with your previous albums?
Carlos: We always want the best sound possible on our records. It’s important to us to be taken seriously and sound is our main priority. Over the years we have learned more about how the studio works and tricks, so we just get better at recording and the producer brings it all to life.

Do you prefer working in the studio putting songs together or playing live?
Carlos: I like both honestly, probably playing shows more. It takes a lot of patience in the studio, but once it starts coming together it’s the greatest feeling. While playing a gig is much more intense and fast-paced, more of a night out rather than a month playing the same songs 10,000 times.

On the album The Aftermath you included a cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing in the Name of”. Why did you decide on that specific song instead of a more Thrash oriented cover?
Carlos: We wanted something that no one would ever except from us, while at the same time we wanted to play it slightly faster and more up to date. We are huge fans of Rage and did it for fun because we simply can.

The cover artwork of the last album was phenomenal but this one has even more apocalyptic overtones. Could you tell me more about the concept behind it, who designed it and how the artwork is related with the album?
Carlos: This is our favorite album cover yet, It just represents what the world will look like in the future with how the world is being treated.

Bonded By Blood has experienced some dramatic line up changes. How are things going nowadays with the new vocalist and bassist? Do you think that’s part of the changes in the band’s sound?
Carlos: Well, it definitely has changed the sound a bit, but we feel tighter and more efficient with the new members. Me and Juan have always been the soul writers for Bonded so there was really a “change” but more of an addition.

The Aftermath’s lyrics are focused on issues generated by modern society and our way of living. Are you somehow trying to say something about the our current situation as a civilization? Are you worried about the future of our race?
Carlos: People need to wake up, there’s way to much bullshit and corruption. The world revolves around money and society will believe everything the government tells them and the news.

You are an American band, but with some Hispanic heritage in your blood. Is that something that maybe allows you to see the world from a different point of view? Do you somehow reflect that heritage in your music?
Carlos: Sometimes yes, we are proud of our heritage and even think about making songs in Spanish, and love playing in Mexico.

Are there plans to tour any time soon?
Carlos: We are currently on tour in Europe with Vader and Aborted! We plan on writing for the next record when we get home and may do a couple short runs around the West coast.

Do you have a funny tour story that you would like to share with our readers?
Carlos: Vocalist Mauro staged dived during Vader when they covered “Rain in Blood” and the crowd dropped him!

What the future has in store for Bonded By Blood?
Carlos:We are writing for the next record and we hope to play some Summer festivals in Europe!

Check out the cover of Rage Against The Machine’s song “Killing in the Name”