The colour grey is not quite dark like black, nor light like white. The same goes for the band Greys. They’re not heavy like hardcore, but are also not soft like alternative. Instead they sit somewhere in the middle, a grey area, with a dirty yet soft sound that affords them an edgy rock vibe. As with the music, the band’s vocals also present a duality in that they are shouted, but also sung.

Those who haven’t yet heard the band should do so now. They’re making a big splash in local markets and slowly breaking out elsewhere. With a few records under their belts now, this EP is still a great place to hear the above-mentioned “grey-ness”. Ultra Sorta I would highly recommend for Canadian rock fans.

Track Listing:

01. Situationism
02. Rennie
03. Simple Living
04. City Of Broken Lights
05. Black Lodge

Check out the song: “Rennie”