The Only Way We Know is the newest release from Fourth Quarter Comeback. Sporting a brilliantly crisp, and clean production, these well-written alternative pop/punk songs are drenched in melody and loaded with hooks that just drag you in. They are so infectious that you’ll find yourself singing along in no time at all. Overall this is fun music that I would say goes along the lines of Blink 182, Hawthorne Heights, or perhaps New Found Glory.

The Only Way We Know is not groundbreaking or unique by any means, but it is executed extremely well and I enjoyed listening to it from top to bottom. If the pop/punk genre is your thing, then you really ought to check out this EP from Fourth Quarter Comeback.

Track Listing:

01. Back To Sleep
02. Hold Your Breath
03. Drama Queen
04. All In
05. New Girlfriend
06. How Does It Fell

Run Time: 18:37
Release Date: January 15, 2013

Check out the album: ‘The Only Way We Know’