Tears You Apart is the new release from alternative/indie rock act Finish Ticket. The band wastes no time at all and begin creating a lush musical landscape from the very first song, “Numb.” While this is an extremely textured disc with lots of layers and instrumentation, by far the thing that stands out most to me are the killer melodies and harmonies; this is a very melodic collection of songs along the lines of The Killers and Coldplay.

Sure, this is not the typical heavy fare I am used to reviewing in this space, but Tears You Apart got up under my skin and sort of took hold… I wanted to hear more. While I don’t know if I will be placing this one into my regular rotation, certainly on those occasions when I want something a little lighter than my typical playlist I think this is going to me my go-to; it’s a perfect soundtrack for those kicked-back, relaxing moments.

Track Listing:

01. Numb
02. Doctor
03. Catch You On My Way Out
04. In The Summer
05. Naïve-tea
06. Lying Through Our Teeth
07. Tranquilize
08. Pockets
09. Killing Me
10. Bring The Rain
11. Take It Out

Run Time: 43:13
Release Date:

Check out the song “Doctor”