Chris Buck & The Big Horns are the latest discovery by industry veteran, Alan Niven (of Guns N’ Roses and Great White fame). Their style is somewhere between early ‘70s Aerosmith, classic ZZ Top and the swagger of a young Stevie Ray Vaughan. Their initial offering to the masses is the brilliantly constructed Postcards From Capricorn album – a seven song forty-three minute how-to guide of blues rock.

Songs like “Out In The Cold” and “Blue Blood” bring you to that deep South smokey bar with a beer in hand and a couple of rowdy buddies. “Running On Faith” and “Still In Love With You” drip emotion while “Oh Well” has a Led Zeppelin “Black Dog” connection. The true discovery here is guitarist Chris Buck who has a natural connection with the guitar. Effortless, smooth and pleasing, Chris is Joe Perry, Billy Gibbons and Slash rolled into one. Look no further if you’re wanting a new guitar hero.

Track Listing:

01. Blue Blood Postcards
02. Oh Well
03. Who’s In Front/Eminence Front
04. Running On Faith
05. Off The Wall
06. Still In Love With You
07. Out In The Cold

Run Time: 43:13
Release Date: January 8, 2013

Check out the ‘Live In Baltimore’ album trailer