Tides Of War is my first review of 2013 and it was the perfect way to start off the New Year. After a brief overture the band launches into a thrashy death metal attack titled “Seventh Weapon”. From there they lay down a super-solid death metal attack that even the most discriminate fans of the genre are sure to dig. It is heavy, brutal and energetic while also incorporating a fair amount of melody to boot!

From a production standpoint you can’t get much better than this; it is clean, tight and in-your-face like a good death metal record should be. At the end of the day I was shocked and amazed by Tides Of War. This is an album that is definitely going to raise the bar in the extreme music scene for the remainder of the year. Pick this one up; you won’t regret it!

Track Listing:

01. Overture
02. Seventh Weapon
03. Blind Assassin
04. Ambrosian Wings
05. Tides Of War
06. Revillusion (1905)
07. Snow Falls On The White River (1914)
08. Severing The Bloodline
09. Collapse Of An Empire
10. Red Skies
11. Nebula
12. Starborn
13. Unbound
14. Annihilation Of The Gods

Run Time: ??:??
Release Date: January 29, 2013

Check out the song: “Tides of War”