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Some bands are just hard to classify comfortably into one genre and Black Table happens to be one of those such groups. You could refer to them, primarily from the New York/New Jersey area, as experimental metal, but even that doesn’t quite capture their distinctive sound. The origins of Black Table go back to a New Jersey metal band called Randall Flagg which featured guitarist Ryan Fleming and drummer Michael Kadnar. Bassist Matt Mellon was a founding member of technical jazz metal band Mabus and originally from California, Mers Sumida ended up being the right singer for this emerging group.

In May 2012, Black Table released the song “Heist” on their Bandcamp page which got them into the 2012 Winter is Coming Festival in New England, Connecticut. The song comes from the band’s debut EP, Sentinel, which was recently released. They also recently completed a successful tour of the Tri-State area called the “Northeast Passage Tour” with Meek is Murder, Tiger Flowers and I Am Heresy.