Be The Ant are clearly aware that sex sells as the cover artwork of their debut album, Breathe Deeply Stomata, depicts a naked couple covered by nothing more than leaves. While sexy, this is most likely portraying the biblical Adam and Eve complete with apple tree and forbidden fruit in-hand. This all said, is the music any good?

Neat art aside, the band has compiled six interesting-sounding songs. After a first listen, I’d agree with their Facebook page in that they play “progressive/indie/rock”. Instrumentally this music has a funky/wonky sound that gives it a positive vibe. The high vocals, much like that of Daniel Rinaldi (BEDlight for BlueEyes) or Joey Eppard (3), don’t hamper that allusion either. Alas, with these songs having been recorded live at 8 Houses Down, the vocals don’t quite always hit the right notes.

Overall Breathe Deeply Stomata is definitely an interesting disc with some fun songs that should get your foot tapping and fingers snapping. I’m very interested to see how these guys grow from this release as at this point it could go either way.

Track Listing:

01. Marmaduke
02. This Brotherhood Is A Union
03. Primate City Limits
04. Remember This
05. Too Humans
06. Perigee

Run Time: 26:56
Release Date: May 27, 2011

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