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Stellar Descent is a project of A., drummer of Twilight Falls and sole member of past projects Bleak and Funebrial. The band aims to create atmospheric, depressive, folkish black metal and is musically inspired by bands such as Burzum, Wyrd, Skagos, Boreal, Agalloch, and Alda. Lyrically, Stellar Descent is inspired by the the vastness of space and time, the delicate condition of humanity and its only known home, Earth, and the understanding and appreciation that we are all simply temporary expressions of the universe.

The song and album “Accretion” is one epic 48 minute long black metal song that has been released on cassette by Eternal Warfare. The sample that is herein available for download is but a mere taste of what you will find on the album. Check out the full version when you can, but for now grab this sweet tasting of the madness!