Dreams of Dystopia is the debut EP from Phoenix-based band PsychoBliss, a duo composed of Dan Stollings and Kyla Pavelski. The twosome describes themselves as both dark metal and “depressive black metal” and while those descriptions may be correct to a degree, they really don’t represent what PsychoBliss actually is.

Sound-wise the band does have a lot in common with black metal as they construct an extremely dark atmosphere in their songs. However, vocally they really have nothing to do with black metal. While the occasional screech and growl do pop up, overall Kyla’s voice is beautiful and vocally more akin to Christina Scabbia than Gaahl. This however is a good thing as Kyla’s voice suits the music perfectly and really enhances it overall.

The good thing about this EP is that it demonstrates that PsychoBliss has a lot of promise. All of the songs are sound and really exude a darkness that can at times feel weighty. This is good music for those who want to hear something dark and depressive.

Track Listing:

01. The Coldest Years
02. Don’t Leave
03. Poisoned Fangs
04. Drifting Away
05. Finally Dead

Run Time: 26:13
Release Date: December 21, 2012

Check out the song: “Finally Dead”