While totally new to the world of Miss Lava, I quickly realized that this is a band with whom I immediately need to become more acquainted. Album opener “Desert Mind” kicks off more than 42 minutes of stoner/sludge rock/metal bliss that begs to be played at incredibly loud volumes and totally lends itself to hanging out with your buddies while kicking back a few cold ones. Red Supergiant is a raw, hard-hitting, groove-laden attack that is incredibly enjoyable!

Packed to the gills with catchy guitar riffs and enough fuzz to please even the most discriminate hard rock fan, this album is just awesome. At times Miss Lava seem to have a bit of an Orange Goblin influence running through their music, but they manage to infuse their own style into the mix, creating their own unique sound. It has been a few days now since I sat down to review this disc and I have found myself returning to it repeatedly.

Track Listing:

01. Desert Mind
02. Lay Down
03. Feel My Grace
04. Ride
05. Crawl
06. Hole To China
07. Catch The Fire
08. Murder Of Crows
09. Motel Neon
10. Yesterday’s Gone
11. Red Supergiant

Run Time: 42:45
Release Date: September 27, 2012

Check out the song: “Ride”