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Exclusive Interview with Erica Glyn



Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Erica Glyn. Read up on a lot of interesting things you may not have known about Erica.

1. Hi Erica, it’s a pleasure to chat with you! As this is your first interview with MaxMuzik, let’s start off with a little background. How did you get into music?
When I was in junior high my grandmother bet me money that I could not go without TV for 6 months. I won the bet and spent my time obsessively listening to music, bought myself a guitar and never looked back.

2. For our readers who’ve never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words.
Song based electro-rock love music.

3. Can you offer insight into some of your musical inspirations, both vocally and musically?
I am a big fan of bands as opposed to solo artists which is why I spent so much time trying to be in a band. I love singers who have great taste – like Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald or singers who just lay out their entire heartbreaking being for you with undeniable tactile unleashed rawness like Thom York or Billy Holiday or John Lennon. I like music that makes me feel something. I hate music with careless lyrics or singers who have a great vocal range but no style or taste – that makes me unhappy and sad and sometimes even angry.

4. You released your new album “Static” back in February this year. What was that experience like for you?
It has been a fantastic on going experience. Since I have been wearing all of the hats on this project from writing to producing to engineering to putting it out there, it’s been a slower process than for your average bear… but I am finding that as it gets out there, the response is overwhelmingly positive and that feels really good.

5. Earlier this month, you released the music video for “In Silence” which is the only track on “Static” that you wrote and performed all of the parts. How was the experience for you?
I never thought that ‘In Silence’ would end up on the album so I let myself create without any expectations or limitations at all. I just went where I wanted to – I got as weird as I am – no holding back – and because I didn’t expect to release this track, I did it myself. I love that it grabbed the attention of someone enough to inspire a video especially since it is such a personal song.

6. If you could open up for an artist right now, who would it be and why?
Louis CK! Because he is brilliant and honest and I like who his fans are.

7. Speaking of shows, what are your touring plans for the rest of the year and 2013?
I am looking to put a band together for 2013 as well as put out an EP. I’m really excited to not only make STATIC come alive but I am excited to push my boundaries further with the next recording.

8. What artists would fans be surprised to find on your iPod?
ummmmm ABBA. Sometimes you need to dance like you’re a 7 year old.

Thank you very much Erica for your time and good luck with your EP.

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Photo credit: Hilary J. Corts

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