The Skinny: November 27th will see the debut EP release from Whispers of Wonder entitled The First Year. Today the band is exclusively premiering the track “Attempt to no Avail” – listen BELOW! The band commented on the track: “‘Attempt to no Avail’ is about facing a challenge that you cannot seem you overcome, and about finding the courage and strength within yourself to be strong and hold on to what you know is right.”

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Whispers of Wonder create a new form and style of music they classify as “melodic wondercore”. The description couldn’t be more dead on. Featuring musical excellence and an uncanny way to reach deep into the souls of every listener through song, Whispers of Wonder have been growing a massive fan base in Portland and beyond since their inception less than a year ago. In this short time, they have captured the ears of many of the top record labels out today, before signing with America’s hottest modern metal label today, Standby Records.

Modern metal music, much like the music of every genre from every era, is not created for the mere thrill of being heard on some radio in some town around the globe. With musicians who truly understand their gift of creating music, the only goal is to paint aural pictures that will stimulate or influence the listeners in some way, shape or form. For even a smaller collection of the most elite musicians, their creations create wonderment on the minds of their fans and followers. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Whispers of Wonder.

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