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A progressive melodic deathcore band is the most accurate way to describe A Wanted Awakening, a quintet from Lowell, Massachusetts. The band’s debut release was an EP titled Rebirth (July 2011) which appealed to fans across the world, with downloads from Europe to Southeast Asia. The band had already attained local popularity as they have become a force in the New England music scene over the years> Known for their high intensity live performances, this was never more on display than in the past year, playing sets at the 2011 New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, 2011 Rock & Shock Festival, and 2012 Summer Slaughter Tour.

Rebirth generated a small buzz surrounding the band which they have been sure to capitalize off of with the June release of their album Catharsis. This record is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication to put out the best possible songs the band could concoct. The album is driven by a contrast between the soaring, powerful vocals of singers John Tree and the diverse screams of Rick Hardy. Check out an exclusive, free download of A Wanted Awakening’s new track “Dehumanized”.