A year after their debut album, The Bunny The Bear returned with their sophomore effort, The Stomach For It. In case you’ve never seen TBTB live, you should know that the group revolves around two members: Matthew Tybor (Bunny) who handles the shouted vocals, and high pitch singer Chris Hutka (Bear). When these dueling vocalists perform they don animal masks affording their shows a unique feel.

Hit play on The Stomach For It and you’ll will hear some piano, electronics, narration and some softly-sung, mellow Ahhs. This vibe ends with the intro though and soon flows into the band’s brand of electronic/post-hardcore which switches between heavy chugging (for Bunny to shout over) and electronic overdrives (for Bear to sing over). Not sure whether it’s good or bad, but this formula is found in almost every song.

One aspect I did enjoy about The Stomach For It was the lack of breakdowns. The breakdown is overused by most bands in the scene these days and it was refreshing to not hear them. That said, while this group is not my cup of tea, I’m sure people who love this new electronic, post-hardcore shit will love The Bunny The Bear.

Track Listing:

01. Congregation
02. Sky
03. All Birds
04. This Isn’t Why You Made Her
05. Soul
06. Breeze
07. Lonely
08. I’m Scared Aloud
09. Sheep
10. Pieces
11. It Kills Me

Run Time: 38:18
Release Date: May 22, 2012

Check out the song: “Sky”