Reclamation is the latest release from the Boston, Massachusetts-based rock/punk/metal band Mongrel. I’m new to the Mongrel camp and was honestly not expecting such a raw, gritty and thoroughly engaging release. I’m usually a production snob with a penchant for big glossy affairs, but I think Mongrel’s brand of music really benefits from the edgy, unpolished rawness; I feel it makes it more authentic.

Musically the songs are heavy, energetic, catchy as hell and ready-made for head banging and fist pumping (not to mention slamming beers!). This female fronted group gets the groove going on “Bored To Death” and sustains it through to the final track, “No Gods, No Masters”. That said, my two favorite songs are “The More I Bleed” and “Tarnished Halo”. They both have a certain vibe that reminded me of the first Motley Crue record, Too Fast For Love, with crunchy, driving riffs, intentional underproduction and overall aggressiveness. I really like Reclamation and if good punk-tinged metal is your thing, then I suggest checking this one out!

Track Listing:

01. Bored To Death
02. Pseudocide
03. Fuck Off
04. Zombies
05. The More I Bleed
06. Tarnished Halo
07. C and a Half
08. Crucifiction
09. Revisionist
10. Stillborn Savior
11. Wake Up
12. No Gods, No Masters

Run Time: 37:51
Release Date: September 25, 2012

Check out the album: ‘Reclamation’