The Skinny: LunariaN is the type of band to go beyond the boundaries or borders that have been set by the music industry while still staying true to rock n’ roll music. The band has been influenced by so many, including Radiohead, Rammstein and even Baroque and classical music. LunariaN is characterized by unusual breakdowns and progressions with a vintage and modern sound mixed with abstract poetic lyrics that speak loud and true of reflections on society and life experiences.

LunariaN hails from South Jakarta, Indonesia and the band formed in November 2006. They started to take things really seriously in 2008, but ran into some early difficulties trying to finish recording an album and solidifying their lineup. They released an EP in 2010 called Experimental Thinking and completely self-promoted it. Clearly doing an effective job of self-promotion, the EP received airplay in many countries. The band continues to write new music and staying true to their beliefs in what music should be all about.