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The Skinny: Drowned was first conceived of in 1994 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil with the objective to produce a thrash and traditional heavy metal-influenced breed of death metal. Over the years, the band has toured hard, amassed a worldwide fan base and put out an astounding total of eight releases. Being already so well-known in South America, Drowned is now starting to make their way into North America!

Drowned just released their latest record, the follow-up to 2011’s Belligerent Part II full-length. This new release is special in that it is a prequel to Belligerent Part II, appropriately titled Belligerent Part I. From a stylistic point of view, the album is pure technical death/thrash metal, mixing the sounds found in bands such as Carcass and Kreator. This new album though spirals the band down a darker path with themes that are closely associated with the horrors of war, like misery, hunger, humiliation, revenge, and corruption. Check out the “The Payback Engine” MP3 from Drowned’s awesome new album.