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The Skinny: Concordia is led by 21 year old Eric Emery who founded the group in late 2011. Hailing from Cleveland, OH, Emery eventually turned the project into a four piece with a lot of creativity, resulting in a sound that’s difficult to describe due to its incorporation of numerous elements and differing sounds. Some have described Concordia as a soft, melodic band with the energy and enthusiasm of a hard, metal band, while others have drawn comparisons to Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Of this song and free download for “Ghost of You” Emery notes: “[this] is one of our more esoteric songs; I have certainly heard many different interpretations. At its core it’s about truly being able to read someone to the point where they are as transparent as glass. This allows you to see through them and identify all of their darkest secrets.” We couldn’t agree more and think you’ll just love this track and artist.