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The Skinny: If you had to think of a good name for a hardcore-styled band, Chained would be just about ideal. This Nashville, Tennessee-based act plays straight-forward, no nonsense hardcore. If you had to come up with a comparison of what they sound like, the bands Buried Alive, Turmoil, and 100 Demons would probably come to mind. Need more help understanding? Just grab the download already, or hit play!

As with any eager, passionate group, Chained have been busy writing, rehearsing and now recording. They released their 2012 demo on August 28th via Spaghetti Spaghetti records and are doing everything in their power to get their name out! They even released a split with fellow Nashville band In Fidelity this past Winter and will have a 7″ out this Spring. Check out “What You Reap,” today… it’s an awesome sample of this up and coming hardcore band.