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The Skinny: Modern rock has become pretty generic these days, but luckily we still have bands like Vulture Kult to keep things interesting. Formed in the spring of 2008, the band originates from the cold wind and snow of Western Canada and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Born from the discontent of pointless cliques so prevalent in the music scene, the band forced themselves to take a different road and see what would happen.

The result of the band’s refusal to take the easy way is a talented band and original sound full of pounding drums, addictive guitar riffs and vocals that will rip a hole through your chest. Vulture Kult released their latest CD Don’t Let Rock n’ Roll Ruin Your Life this past July. The album can be described as being similar to Fugazi, the Stooges, Black Halos, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. They may only be a two-piece band, but Vulture Kult are a force to be reckoned with. Check out the track “Electric Medication” available as a free download.