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Triphon was born when ex-Shattersphere members Kyle Morrison and Justin Rogers decided they wanted to start a new musical project. The group’s first challenge would come quickly, as there was a thousand mile distance between Morrison and Rogers to overcome when writing music. Because Morrison resided in Atlanta, Georgia and Rogers in Hartford, Connecticut, the two began to co-write music over the internet. They started sending songs and ideas back and forth and after a few tunes were written, they decided to passively look for other members.

After spending some time on partypoker, an ad on Craigslist caught Morrison’s eye which ultimately would end with the addition of former Redstone Rising guitarist Stephen Gladney. Now with three competent members and song writers, Triphon pushed forward and was punching out double the amount of material they did as a twosome. Ex-Priapism bassist Brian Dawley was later added to round out the line-up and a debut demo EP was recorded. Check out Triphon’s blistering track “Open The Gates” and grab and share it today!