After name changes and release delays, these bands manage to pull together this short but sweet split, outfitted with an array of somewhat confusing song titles and the killer licks to back it all up, almost.

Tigers Jaw, as the relative heavyweights in this duo, deal with the higher expectations, and their input suffers from it. Under-produced and due to be misunderstood, the Scranton band’s two songs – really delivered as three – features one real gem that suffers from a scarcity of sonic polish (“No Mask”), one which simply lacks punch (“My Friend Morrissey”), and one which really just leaves you wondering, why (“Haze Coffin”)? The latter – a strange, minimalist, and slightly off-key number – caps Tigers Jaw’s half and leaves the listener wishing for more.

But then Tiny Empires bring a sledgehammer to the subtle affair and the party really takes off. The opening of “Check Out My Boneyard” is an auspicious start, but once things truly coalesce at the two minute mark Tiny Empires single-handedly save this split. This half is also less defined and the three titles can easily be described as one long track, although subtle changes mark themselves at two and five minutes and help identify three unique phrases. Altogether, a powerful, dynamic, and brooding song comes together and forms the surprising apex of this split.

Track Listing:

01. My Friend Morrissey
02. No Mask / Haze Coffin
03. Check Out My Boneyard / Interview with a Jampire / The Dream is Still Dead

Run Time: 15:48
Release Date: May 08, 2012

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