I just did the math, and based on when the band first formed, I can hardly believe they’ve been together now for 22 years! That’s an incredible run for any group, let alone a punk band. Their new effort, Resistance, marks their 9th studio release, and after all this time The Casualties can still crank out in-your-face punk rock with the best of them.

As we like to say here at PGA, here’s The Skinny… The album; punk. The sound; fast, catchy as hell, and aggressive like the streets of NYC. The band stays true to form; with Resistance they are keeping the punk alive. For those of you who like “true” punk, The Casualties are still lacing up their Doc Martins and wearing their studded leather jackets all the way to stage and rocking the fuck out! Check it!

Track Listing

01. My Blood. My Life. Always Forward.
2 Behind Barbed Wire

03. Resistance

04. Modern Day Slaves

05. Warriors on the Road

06. South East Asian Rebels

07. Morality Police
Brick Wall Justice

09. Always Walk Alone

10. Constant Struggle
It’s Coming Down on You

12. Life on the Line

13. No Hope

14. Corazones Intoxicados

15. Voice of the Outcast

Run Time: 31:00
Release Date: September 25, 2012

Check out the song: “My Blood. My Life. Always Forward.”