7/28 – Hilltop Fortress (West Lafayette), 7/29 (Toledo): After a victorious show in Chicago, it was back to Indiana to play the hilltop fortress. This time in Indiana would be different. But first, there was a pit-stop at Hooters, where the ladies would not leave Joe alone thanks to his good looks.

This was a sick party-style basement show hosted by our pizza-thrash friends Partiac Arrest. This was legitimately the first time I (Dan) was hammered the whole tour, and the environment was quite conducive to it. DIY party shows are where I truly feel at home. (It’s a shame our Allston friends won’t book us on them more often *cough*)

I was drinking Hamm’s, which go for about $11/30 rack in an area where PBR goes for about $19, which truly got me in the mood to party. We came out swinging full-force, and I decided to rock my American flag thong for Adventure Time tonight. My junk and cheeks were well-received by the rowdy audience.

After our set, typical party shenanigans continued. My memory is fuzzy, but I remember two things. 1) The rest of the bands were awesome. 2) We thought Dave was striking out with a girl, but it turns out she started having a seizure while he was kissing her. Luckily Dave was trained for this sort of thing and helped her through it. After the seizure subsided, they posed for a picture. Unfortunately, and somewhat hilariously, the flash caused the poor girl to have another seizure. (I know I’m going to hell, dear girl, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry).

7/1/2013: Toledo was our last show, and for a matinee on a Sunday in Toledo, it was way better than expected. The room was pretty packed. Even Vic of Vindicator fame and his wife Sarah came out to show some support. In his honor, I wore my finest vindicator shirt.

There’s not much to say about this one. It was the perfect way to end the tour. We saw our new buddies Mega Aggression open (HI JAKE!!!!!), and then proceeded to slay.

After the show, it was a 12 hour journey home basking in the high of our first successful tour. See you next time around folks. A huge thanks to anyone who played any role in helping us book this, played with us, or came out to see us. Extra-special thanks to our touring partners Lich King. We <3 U! Tour Dates: 07/21 – Lindo Lounge – Jersey City, NJ w/ Lich King
07/22 – St. Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/Faith or Fear, Hellcannon, Cain, Crypter, Lich King
07/23 – O’Reilly’s Pub – Philadelphia, PA w/ Lich King
07/24 – TBA
07/25 – Hammerheads – Fort Wayne, IN w/ Argonaut, Testimony, Lich King
07/27 – Reggie’s – Chicago, IL w/Diamond Plate, Smashed Potater, Lich King
07/28 – The Hilltop Fortress – West Lafayette, IN w/ Lich King, Partiac Arrest
07/29 – Toledo (RamaLama) – Cleveland, OH w/ Lich King
07/30 – TBA – Buffalo, NY w/ Lich King

Check out the song: “Eye of the Beerholder”


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