The Skinny: You’ll never be hard pressed to find bands from Brooklyn, NY, but the real challenge is finding one that actually sticks out among all the pretenders. Finally, a group that is actually worthy of some interest and hype can be found in Indyns; a band that has started to take over the scene with their own special brand of fast-paced rock ballads accentuated with an array of synths and awesome vocals. Indyns’ music is characterized by hooks, catchy choruses and genuine emotions that drive each song lyrically.

The group is currently finishing up their upcoming LP due out later this year, but have released the first single titled “Fields Lie Fallow.” This is a song filled with catchy melodies and beats that is appealing to any fan of hard or alternative rock. Check out the stream of “Fields Lie Fallow” and be sure to grab the free download!