The Skinny: Norwegian quintet, Blood Command has announced a forthcoming full-length Funeral Beach to be released on October 30th in the U.S. The female fronted noise-core/post-hardcore unit blends technical dissonance with more melodic moments and a rhythmic attack seamlessly. On their forthcoming self-produced full-length (which is their first full-length since 2010’s Ghostclocks) vocalist Silje says: “On our previous albums, our song-writing was more primal and more impulsive. This is the first album where we were being perfectionists from start to finish, being very choosy in our guitar sounds, how the vocals sound. It’s much catchier but also much heavier!”

This approach is apparent on the first single “Cult Of The New Beat” just released and available for listening below. It also was prominent when the group released a single in July which was their cover of “Agenda Suicide” by American electro-clash icons, The Faint. Speaking on the cover song, Silje says: “The Faint is a huge influence on us as a band and when we heard a cover of this song recently by another band, no offense but we thought we could do it more justice.” Punk all the way, Blood Command made up of Silje, Yngve (guitars, bass, keyboard), Sigurd (drums), Simon (live bass) and Sjalg (live guitar) take out life’s aggressions in their songs. Silje says: “some of our best songs were written about people who annoy us, a healthier way to take out our anger. The funny thing is a few of those people come to our shows and have noticed that the song is about them.”

The artwork for Funeral Beach is by Mads Anderson (whose stunning illustrations also appear on the covers of previous releases Five Inches Of A Car Accident 2009, Party All The Way To The Hospital 2010 and Hand Us The Alpha Male 2011). Unlike those previous covers, the cover for Funeral Beach portrays a dark and epic orb, Silje says: “this is a darker album and the cover reflects that. The significance of the album title is that you can bury secrets in the sand but the water will always bring them back up.”


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