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The Skinny: Wake Up Lucid is a three piece band of cousins all with the last name Baca. They make scuzzy blues that seeths with emotion and crackles with defiance towards people who would water down rock n’ roll for the digital age. The band initially got attention from their EPs called Look Alive People and Sugar before finding their primary ally in producer Joe Cardamone, known for his work with the Icarus Line. Cardamone proved to be just what the group needed in recording their debut full-length album Feel It.

Wake Up Lucid describes the record as “honest rock n’ roll with the band laying it all out there”. Feel It is a stripped down affair, but with many different lyrical themes and emotions that the band explores. As they state themselves, “Wake Up Lucid is more of a ‘feel’ band”, quite appropriate for the name of the album. We’re totally stoked on this band and the new material, and really, you should be too. Get hyper with a FREE download of the title track “Feel It”. Can ya dig it, sucka!?