One of the things I like most about writing for PureGrainAudio is the exposure I have to bands I probably would never have otherwise heard of; The Mercy House being a prime example. This London-based hard rock group surprised the crap out of me as I really was not expecting what I heard. Turns out A Broken State Of Bliss is actually a top-notch, slamming record.

The guitars are huge and thunderous, the bass is punchy and well-defined and the extremely powerful, soaring vocals just round things off in a fantastic fashion. This disc has a touch of the sleazy L.A. sound from the ’80s a la Guns N Roses and L.A. Guns, a healthy dose of Alice And Chains and other modern day hard rock flair, all wrapped up in some stunning production. A Broken State of Bliss is really a terrific disc and The Mercy House is a band that should be on your radar as of RIGHT NOW!

Track Listing:

01. A Broken State Of Bliss
02. Greed
03. My Disease
04. Blind
05. Lead The Way
06. The End
07. Weight
08. Unclean
09. Hayt
10. Inversions
11. The Price Of Dying

Run Time: 52:13
Release Date: April 23, 2012

Check out the song: “Greed”