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The Skinny: The Dirty Nil are what you would refer to as rock n’ roll. Plain and simple. This band can be described as loud, distorted and out of control, with an intensity unmatched by most competitors. Their musical style is characterized by distorted guitars, loud, pounding drums and desperately howled vocals. The Dirty Nil originates from Hamilton, Ontario and is a three-piece assault on your ears.

They make music for turntables and hi-fi’s, music for dive bars and house parties, for drinking and smoking joints and most of all, for trying and failing and trying again anyways. The group has a forthcoming 7″ single called “Fuckin’ Up Young,” and ode to wayward youth as the title of the song would indicate. Here is a different track from The Dirty Nil, “Bruto, Bloody Bruto” available for free download.