Reverence to Stone is the second album by Seattle based Samothrace. While the group plays some s-l-o-w doom, once in a while on this release you can also hear some rock elements thrown in for good measure. Most of the time however, the music is slow, heavy and lurching… like a decayed corpse.

Doom can be a bit of a funny genre in that the songs’ slow paces tend to make for long tracks at times stretching a bit past their welcome points. Thankfully Samothrace don’t have this problem and even though the album is a two song, 34 minute long disc, both of them are stellar. The two songs contain both the oppressive atmosphere and heaviness to make one stop looking at his watch and instead get lost in the sounds. In particular the second song, “A Horse of Our Own”, is enthralling and easy to get lost in. Good album, and recommended for anyone into doom.

Track Listing:

01. When We Emerged
02. A Horse of Our Own

Run Time: 34:28
Release Date: July 31, 2012

Check out the song: “When We Emerged”