Husband and wife rock/metal duo Tairrie and Mick Murphy of My Ruin are extremely talented musicians who successfully mix together a bunch of different heavier sounds. To these ears however, they primarily sound like a cross between sludge and straight ahead metal – a nice combination if you ask me!

From the information I could find on the group, it appears Mick plays all of the instruments while Tairrie sings/screams along to her husband’s manic compositions. Generally the songs are catchy with a lot of headbangable riffs and punchy, screamed-out choruses. Tairrie’s voice is perfect for this style of music, with her tough-as-nails voice alternately singing and screaming the lyrics. Highlights for me were the blasphemous “Deconsecrated” and “Tenessee Elegy”.

You really have no reason not to check these guys out as the album is currently available on the band’s Bandcamp site for the grand total of FREE! Download it today and be prepared for some solid metal.

Track Listing:

01. Tennessee Elegy
02. Highly Explosive
03. Walk of Shame
04. Deconsecrated
05. Middle Finger
06. Vultures
07. Seventh Sacrament
08. Reckoning
09. The Soulless beast
10. Mean Street

Run Time: 41:33
Release Date: December 7, 2011

Check out the song: “Tennessee Elegy”