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The Skinny: After extensive touring behind their debut record Immute: Jackals, the Sydney-based progressive metal trio known as Kunvuk went back to their studio for six long months to write their sophomore follow-up album. The result is the new record Consume Rapture and it represents a BIG step forward in intensity and volatility for the band’s sound. Kunvuk was lent a helping hand from engineer Alan Douches (Mastodon, Clutch, the Dillinger Escape Plan) who was more than happy to lend his sound prowess to this emerging band.

Consume Rapture contains Kunvuk’s most innovative and diverse material yet. The soundscapes are highly complex and interweaving. And what’s truly special about this release is that Kunvuk have decided to donate half of the album sales to raise awareness and funds for the plight of the Tasmanian devil as part of the “Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.” To spread the word about Consume Rapture, Kunvuk will be taking their show around Australia and internationally. Enjoy a free download of the newest Kunvuk track “Teeth Swallower” and support the band and the Tasmanian devils!